origin story

the journey so far

Back in 2017, I (Lauren) was training for my first marathon. I felt daily muscle pain and soreness, so I tried various remedies to ease the pain – one of them being a homemade CBD body balm from a friend. It helped release my muscle tension and improved my recovery time so much that a year later when I was leaving my job at Salesforce, I decided to create my own line so I could share the helpful benefits of CBD body balms with others to help them feel good too.
So, my husband (Brian) and I did some research to find a combination of all-natural ingredients to make our CBD balms. We also worked on the design and wanted our line to be modern, easy-to-apply, and travel-friendly.
On top of it all, we wanted to ensure that our company gave back to the community. That is why we donate 1% of our revenue to specific causes and nonprofits we support.
We hope you try one out and enjoy it!
Lauren & Brian, Co-Founders of Cozy Cactus Goods
Cozy Cactus Goods Founders
Stay calm and keep cozy.
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