3 Benefits of CBD Body Balms

3 Benefits of CBD Body Balms You May Not Have Thought About

CBD comes in many forms these days – oils, drinks, gummy bears, lotions, etc. – and you’re about to see even more of it now that the Farm Bill has passed and legalized hemp on the federal level.

So with all these different ways to take advantage of the benefits of CBD, how do you choose what to try? Each option has its own advantages, but here are three benefits of CBD body balms you may not have thought about:

1. They can treat localized aches and pains.

With a CBD body balm, you can target specific areas on your body that are causing you pain. You apply them to the surface and they become absorbed through your skin and can help you feel relief in the specific area causing you discomfort. When you digest CBD, the effects are spread out.

2. They have a faster effect.

You will notice the effects of CBD body balms not too long after you apply them to your skin while dropping oils on your tongue or eating a gummy bear – while more delicious – can take longer to reach its full effect.

3. It’s not just about the CBD.

CBD body balms contain other ingredients that are good for you and your skin. For example, our products include coconut oil (a great moisturizer with antibacterial properties) and essential oils. Eucalyptus oil has been said to help with inflammation. Lavender oil helps promote sleep and calmness. Peppermint oil can help with reducing muscle pain. And rose oil has been said to have aphrodisiac properties. Plus, they all smell amazing.

Despite the many benefits of CBD body balms, we always recommend doing your own research before trying any CBD products.

Stay calm and keep cozy.
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